Friday January 13, 2023
Mooresville High School, Mooresville IN

Concessions available

Regional Sites
Friday January 6, 2023

Top 4 placers from Regionals advance to State!

- North -

(Fort Wayne & East Chicago Semi-State Teams)

Jay County High School & Penn High School

 Concessions available

- South -

(Evansville & New Castle Semi-State Teams)

Franklin Community High School & Warren Central High School

Concessions available

Weight Classes

98, 106, 113, 120,126,132,138,145,152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 250


Spectator Fee (see specifics above)
$10.00 - Regional

$10.00 - State

STATE Weigh-ins
Friday: 10:00 AM EST 

Event will start at 11:00 AM EST

REGIONAL Weigh-ins

Friday:  4:00 pm EST

Event will start at 5:00 pm EST

Rules, Eligibility

All participants must be a member of an IHSAA sanctioned high school wrestling team.

2023 - 4 weigh ins 

 2 lb. weight allowance will be allowed.

A school will be allowed 2 wrestlers per weight class with one being scoring.
EXEMPTION: IHSAA will charge 2 pts against the wrestler for Regionals and State combined.

Coaching Staff: Schools with  with <5 wrestlers you are allowed 3 coaches; 6> wrestlers you are allowed 4 coaches.

State - Medals- 1st – 8th
Regionals - Ribbons 1st-4th 
[Wrestle Backs for all 1st Round Losers]

Tournament Director - Gary Myers

Tournament Administration - Pat Culp