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2018 State Tournament Results

- 88 -

1st Place - Jaden Johnson of Penn

2nd Place - Elle Hunter of Hamilton Heights


- 98 -

1st Place - Destiny Garris of Evansville Central High School

2nd Place - Brooke Jackson of Muncie Central

3rd Place - Lita Chowning of Jay County

4th Place - Cassie Lear of Lafayette Jefferson

5th Place - Haley Hoover of Tippecanoe Valley


- 106 -

1st Place - Ciera Broukal of Bloomington South

2nd Place - Markaela Pugh of Hamilton Heights

3rd Place - Hannah Lynch of New Albany

4th Place - Katlyn Butcher of Brown County

5th Place - Eryn Benak of Penn

6th Place - Willoe Cunnington of Daleville High School

7th Place - Lilly Gough of North Knox

8th Place - Kaitlin Tentler of Tri-Central


- 113 -

1st Place - Kaylee Adams of Portage High School

2nd Place - Annalyse Dooley of West Vigo

3rd Place - Jaryn Strong of Terre Haute South

4th Place - Haylee Brown of Tippecanoe Valley

5th Place - Shayla Meinders of Pendleton Heights

6th Place - Dorinda Andrews of Central Catholic

7th Place - Kasey Macurdy of Carroll (Flora)

8th Place - Shelby Cope of Lebanon High School


- 120 -

1st Place - Mallory Engle of Columbia City

2nd Place - Sophia Thompson of Avon High School

3rd Place - Alexie Westfall of Crown Point High School

4th Place - Traci Weber of Hagerstown

5th Place - Morgan Fadness of Rossville

6th Place - Tali Boyles of North Knox

7th Place - Destiny McDaniel of Caston HS

8th Place - Lily McCubbins of Mooresville


- 126 -

1st Place - Alise Terhune of Warren Central High School

2nd Place - Leah Bishop of Highland High School

3rd Place - Anjali Pant of Penn

4th Place - Sydney Sims of North Putnam

5th Place - Cassendra Frinkel of Delphi

6th Place - Chloe Harding of South Bend Saint Joseph

7th Place - Taylor Wells of Southern Wells

8th Place - Lyndie Foster of Scottsburg High School


- 132 -

1st Place - Selina Brown of Monrovia

2nd Place - Jael Martin of Michigan City HIgh School

3rd Place - Elena Thatcher of Lawrenceburg High School

4th Place - Alexis Grider of South Side High School

5th Place - Morgan Breeding of New Prairie

6th Place - Jasmine Hermosillo of Decatur Central

7th Place - Amber Hoy of Heritage

8th Place - Olivia Nixon of Penn


- 138 -

1st Place - Camyle Cain of Jeffersonville High School

2nd Place - Melody Barrows of Westfield

3rd Place - Makayla Scarborough of New Prairie

4th Place - Grace Selis of Penn

5th Place - Hannah Pugh of North Vermillion

6th Place - Carley Alcala of Decatur Central

7th Place - Emily Spitaels of Penn

8th Place - Karmyn Pollock of Penn


- 145 -

1st Place - Alexis Bernal of Lebanon High School

2nd Place - Autumn Terhune of Warren Central High School

3rd Place - Tanisha Jimenez of New Prairie

4th Place - Jessica Geiger of Cloverdale

5th Place - Emma Ringer of Penn

6th Place - Autumn Hale of Penn

7th Place - Ashley Benak of Penn


- 152 -

1st Place - Madison Burke of Penn

2nd Place - Kaylee Clendenen of Pendleton Heights

3rd Place - Karen Ramirez of SB Clay

4th Place - Rachel Hokoana-Yamaguchi of Seymour High School

5th Place - Addyson Baber of Hamilton Heights

6th Place - Eva Hatcher of Knightstown


- 160 -

1st Place - Jasmine Hale of Pike

2nd Place - Amanda Feder of Penn

3rd Place - Kayla Reading of Lawrence Central

4th Place - Gracie Lawson of Bloomington South

5th Place - Amaya Rabideau of Lafayette Jefferson

6th Place - Courtney Brown of Delphi


- 170 -

1st Place - Aiesha Helepa of Penn

2nd Place - Tori Baker of Blackford

3rd Place - Elise Walton of Lafayette Jefferson

4th Place - Trixie Maguran Jacobson of Rensselaer Central High School

5th Place - Noemi Guijosa of Frankfort

6th Place - Mary Meyers of Maconaquah


- 182 -

1st Place - Jessica Moore of Richmond High School

2nd Place - Aliya Cook of Cass

3rd Place - Jasmine Widgery of Lafayette Jefferson

4th Place - Alexis Harber of Hamilton Heights

5th Place - Erica Dilworth of Maconaquah

6th Place - Gabriella Marks of Highland High School

7th Place - Sadie Kunze of Penn


- 195 -

1st Place - Madeline Flight of Pike

2nd Place - Jazmyn Noaks of Richmond High School

3rd Place - Destiny Cable of River Forest

4th Place - Katie Selis of Penn

5th Place - America Valencia of Lafayette Jefferson


- 220 -

1st Place - Andelisia Henry of Penn

2nd Place - Ruby-Jo Sharp of Maconaquah

3rd Place - Alexandria Martz of Woodlan


- 285 -

1st Place - Abby Kimes of North Putnam

2nd Place - Mikayla Ringer of Penn

3rd Place - Kami Speicher of Hamilton Heights

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